Monday, May 6, 2013

Playtex Secrets® Balconette Underwire Review

I was recently given the opportunity by BzzAgent to try a Playtex Secrets Balconette Bra and I was excited from the moment of acceptance into the campaign.

I've struggled for years trying to find the perfect fit. Being on a budget, I couldn't afford the stores that have fittings and I am way too easily embarrassed to prance around in my underwear in front of a stranger. I usually grabbed a bra off the rack that looked right and hoped for the best. This rarely worked.

When I first received my Playtex Secrets Bra at work, I ran to the bathroom and changed into it... with the tags still attached. In my excitement, I am surprised I didn't leave in the hanger. I immediately felt so much more confident in my bust line. I always joke about how my boobs should be 'here' and not 'down there.' Sweaters and large shirts were a staple in my wardrobe to hide what I felt was a less than flattering rack.

Several days in and even more compliments later, I am in love! This is the most comfortable bra that I have EVER OWNED. The straps stay in place. My boobs are nice and shapely. The design is gorgeous should anyone see me in just my underwear... it may happen. There is not so much padding that I may be accused of false advertising. This is the perfect bra!

That all being said, if you are a curvy chick that just can't seem to find a pretty and supportive bra, let me help you out. The Playtex Secrets Bra collection is your answer. You can find them at Kohl's for a very reasonable price. Here's to a having a nice rack... with a little help from Playtex!

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