Thursday, March 15, 2012

Big Weekend

I have a very full weekend planned.

Ordering Dermestid Beetles. HQ is very excited about this endeavor. Working with Pinky Diablo on animal preservation and harvesting for projects.

Still tons of Girl Scout goings on... will be throughout the month. Participating in the season's last cookie booth and cookie money is due, so I will be busting derriere getting cookies delivered and money accounted for.

Product reviews. I have a few that I am behind on for Influenster. I need to get on that. I will be doing video, or at least trying my hand at it. I've also lucked into reviewing a product that I am very excited about: Eraselets. I have a package on it's way to me and will be posting a review a bit later. They are currently in the running to get on the shelf at Walmart. I really like the potential of this product!

Of course, the hum drum housecleaning and straightening. I've been neglecting... I own it.

Taking tomorrow off to be with my kiddos on their last day of Spring Break. Not sure what we will be doing, but it will rock. Oh, I need to put up a page to introduce you guys to my demon spawn. Note to self...

Since my weekend starts at 4 today, I will wish everyone a great weekend!

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