Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Life as a Wench; Trial and Error

This past weekend was my first stint as a serving wench at Scarborough Renaissance Festival. I had so much fun. I worked a wedding reception, serving bread to muh lords and ladies. It was definitely a learning experience.


I'll start with the costume. I regrettably kept my mother up until 2am on Friday night/Saturday morning. I can sew... okay, I can kind of sew. My mother, on the other hand, has the life's ambition to be a theatre seamstress, so it worked out. Borrowed a pattern from a friend, bought fabric and hauled butt to my mom's house. After many sighs and 'wish I had more time' statements, my mom busts out her sewing machine. The costume was beautiful and fit every aspect and criteria given me by the Scarborough handbook. She performed a miracle... that flopped. Completely my fault.

Everyone Else
I show up in my working peasant garb, to find that everyone else on the crew is wearing more of a bohemian gypsy motif. I felt completely out of place in my period costume that didn't fit everyone else's idea of period. I also made the muffin cap a bit larger to hide the tattoos on my neck, and it looked more like a baker's hat... this worked, however because I served bread. I had to be creative in hiding my visible tattoos, which prevented any cleavage or too much viewable skin. I received many compliments and a couple of laughs. All in all, it turned out well, but I am back at the drawing board.


I showed up right at 11am, as requested. I'd left home early to walk around the faire, but traffic was horrible and wasn't able to. When the work started, it didn't stop until everything was done. There was very little lull.

We started setting up for the reception, walking back and forth from the Castle Pavilion to the 'shed' at the Crown Pavilion to get provisions and necessities. Then spent the interim kicking people out of the pavilion that weren't associated with the wedding party. (That was fun.) Finally, we trekked to the kitchens to get the food and then prepared for the onslaught of patrons. This was followed by breakdown and cleanup.

The bride and groom were very casual, wearing nice everyday clothes. The King and Queen swung by to give their blessings. Everyone seemed very happy with the wedding and reception. If you are interested in getting hitched at Scarborough, click here.

Smiling hurts... it really does. Several times, I found myself morphing from happy face to wincing. Honestly, there isn't much of a difference. I don't know why I kept getting the 'smile' signal. I am sure that peasants didn't smile much back then, especially in the corsets, cinchers and bodices that were required wear. When the reception was over and the people left, all the restrictive wear came flying off and in many directions. Want a strip show at Scarborough? Stand around a pavilion after a reception and watch the peasants.

I can't leave out the food. A perk of being a special events serving wench is that we get to partake in the leftovers... including the cake. I had a BBQ sandwich, but had the option of a turkey leg, as well.


Close to 5, my day was done... as far as wenchery. It went very well for being something new. Hell, that is why I am doing it. Throwing myself into social situations headfirst, and seeing what happens. I also dig seeing behind-the-scenes. I give the whole experience a massive thumbs up.

I am working on a new costume... trying not to wait until last minute. We shall see how that goes. It should be easier. Bohemian gypsy is very popular.

This coming weekend is the Royale Ale Festival, which I shall be working. I am TABC certified to feed the alcoholics their vice. You should come out. It's going to be a blast.

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  1. Most of my time is hanging out at Saferswords, or the Cat & Fiddle tavern. See ya there!